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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never danced before. Can I come to these classes?
YES! That's the whole idea of coming to our lessons.

With limited footwork and professional teachers, Le Step's Modern Jive is surprisingly easy to learn so our classes appeal to lots of people with no experience whatsoever! Every night at every location we start with a complete beginner's class at 7:30pm. Relax, we run through everything step-by-step for you in a group session. It's also good to know that there will be other people there who are 'first-timers' too!

Do I need to book for class?
No. You do not need to book for our group classes. Simply show up to any venue.
You do need to book for private classes and workshops.

However, when you attend our classes we get you to sign a Membership (Disclaimer) Form .
You can fill it out at class or save time by doing it now and bringing the completed form with you.

Tip: Some forms do not open will in some browsers. You are best opening the form with Adobe Acrobat.
Download the PDF Membership Form now

Do I need to be a "member" to attend?
Yes. But subject to a few basic rules, everyone is welcome and membership is free.
"Membership" simply means you have agreed to stick to some basic etiquette and agreed to our standard disclaimer.

Everyone who attends a Le Step class gets a plastic membership card and/or a virtual card. Each time you attend class we scan the plastic card or a your 'virtual card' on your phone. This saves you filling out a new registration for each time you attend.

Rather than wait till you attend a class, you save time and the environment by getting your virtual membership card now.

Go here for more information on how to get a virtual card.
Virtual Cards Info.

What is the style of dance taught by 'Le Step'?
The style taught is the latest modern style of partner dancing that is suited to nightclubs, parties and weddings and looks fantastic danced to the latest top 40 music. In Australia and overseas, it is best known as ModernJive.

Is it Latin/Salsa?
No. Latin looks fantastic to Latin Music but you'll pretty much only dance 'Latin' to Latin Music. We take all the best moves and style elements from Latin (Salsa, Lambada, Merengue) and put it into an easy to use format that can be done to Latin music or Swing music, or Rock 'n' Roll Music or whatever you like! At classes, we dance mainly to the latest Top 40 music.

Do I need my own partner?
No. We have a good mix of guys and girls. There's always plenty of other interesting people for you to meet and dance with at our classes.

When are the Beginner Classes?
Every night at every location the doors open at 7:15pm with the Beginners' Class starting at 7:30pm. Our Intermediate and Advanced standard dancers come to this class as well - so there's plenty of people to chat with and help lead you through the fun, easy routines.

Later in the night, there's also a 'Recap Class' which will take you thorough the beginner moves again to build on what you already learnt in the first class.

Once you have done about Admission to this class is complimentary if you have paid to attend the Beginners' Class.

How many Beginner Classes should I do before progressing?
Even if you have danced before, we recommend you do the 'Recap Classes' for a few weeks so that you get exposed to most of the base moves of Modern Jive. We assume that everyone doing the Intermediate classes will have an understanding of all base moves.

If you have not danced before we recommend you do at least 2 to 3 months of classes one night a week before trying an Intermediate class. If you dance more than once a week you will probably want to move up sooner.

Our experience has shown us time and time again that those who promote themselves into the intermediate classes too soon end up frustrated and often give up dancing. People who spend the extra few weeks getting to know the basics end up progressing into fabulous dancers who have lots of fun!

Most of our Intermediate and Advanced Dancers continue to do the Beginner Classes because it is during these classes that they work on improving their knowledge of how to dance more advanced moves well.

I've never danced before, does that matter?
No. That's why we call it a dance class! Our classes cater for absolute, total beginners who've never danced in their lives. So even if (you think) you've got two left feet, get along to the class and see how much fun it can be!

Do I need to book?
No. Simply show up to any class location and have a great time!
You do need to book for special events and workshops.

Do I need to attend every week?
No. You can come as often or as infrequently as suits your lifestyle. Many people come to the same venue every week - others attend different venues every week so they get to dance with a variety of different people. Some people dance once a month - others come two, three or four nights per week!!!

Once a week is O.K. but we recommend you try to attend twice a week in your first month so that you see some real results really fast!
For about $2 more per week you can purchase a Monthly Pass and dance at all our Le Step venues whenever you like. This is a great way to kick-start your dancing.

What is a "1st Timer Pass"?
Your first 6 classes for about half price.
As part of our promotional offer, you can purchase a '1st Timer Pass' on your first night.

These passes give you your next six classes for roughly half the price of the casual rate. Brisbane prices here.
1st Timer Passes are a low cost way to experience Le Step and see if it is something you really want to get into regularly.

What is a "Monthly Pass"?
"Unlimited Access Passes" (a.k.a Monthly Passes) entitle you to attend our regular classes as many nights per week as you can handle for a whole calendar month.

These passes are not valid for Dance Parties, Workshops, Routines or other special events.
This is financially your best option and will encourage you to attend more often and get really good at dancing!
Brisbane prices here.

What about "Bulk lesson passes"?
We offer 6 and 12 Night Lesson Passes (to be used at any time from twelve months of the purchase date).
You will save just over 10% on a 6 night pass and just over 15% on a 12 night pass.
Brisbane prices here.

What clothes should I wear?
Preferably, wear comfortable clothes that aren't too restrictive. Despite the fact that you'll probably work up a sweat, we encourage you to come dressed smart casual!
Wear clothes that you might wear out to a party or nightclub.

We do have a 'Dress Code' which can outline things better for you. If you'd like a copy please ask our office or door staff.
But basically, if you think about going to a night out at a 'social club' or nightclub you'll do well.

So guys, don't wear shorts (shorts and dancing is a bad look guys), avoid joggers (they'll stick you to the floor, avoid sleeveless shirts guys as the girls don't want your bare armpit in their face.

Sometimes (especially in the summer months) it's a good idea to bring a hand towel as well - you'll be working up a real sweat!
For those of you who really get pumping, consider bringing a spare shirt or three.

But remember above all else that; the most important thing to wear is deodorant!

What shoes should I wear?
Remember, you'll need to be able to spin on the floor - so do not wear joggers. If possible, wear a pair of shoes with a smooth'ish sole that won't stick you to the floor ! Try to avoid joggers or runners or anything that will glue you to the floor.

Girls, you'll probably feel more comfortable leaving your high heels at home when you first start lessons. It takes a little while to get your "dance legs"!

Many of our girls purchase Ballroom Practice shoes from Kerri Dee's Dance Shoes.
They are ideal as they have a short but large block heel that is ideal for good balance. Please mention you are from Le Step so Kerri knows the best type of shoe for you.

Does Le Step have dance insurance?
Yes. We have current public liability insurance for $M10.

Our teachers are highly experienced and trained so injuries are seldom. However, anyone can have an accident so we encourage you to check that any dance school you deal with has appropriately trained staff and appropriate liability insurance. Like any rapidly growing industry there are always going to be some 'dodgy' traders out there - so check first, rather than be sorry later.

It's also worth mentioning that over the past few years the insurance industry has undergone a lot of changes and it is now significantly more difficult to make a claim unless there is clear liability. As with all sports, individuals must accept that there are associated risks.

If you are particularly worried about the sports you do, you might like to take out your own cover (including loss of income insurance) and you can also check your home insurance policy to see what it covers in terms of personal injury and liability.

Where else in Australia & the world can I learn this style of dance?
Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, N.Z., U.K., Europe, Asia, South Africa, America - the list is growing fast! Check our dance links page for some helpful sites.

What age are the people who attend Le Step classes?
Our surveys indicate that whilst we have a wide range of age groups at our classes - the majority of people doing this style of dance are in their 20's, 30's and 40's. Everyone is welcome at every venue but it's worth knowing that the music we play is the kind of music that is played on top 40 type radio stations.

Do you offer private tuition?
Yes We find that our regular classes and workshops are all most people require.
However, if you want to speed up the process of learning or want extra training for an event (competition/wedding/function) then consider a private class or two.

Please see our classes>>price lists for current price information.
Such classes are usually run immediately before our regular classes (so we avoid additional hall hire costs) but can be arranged for other times and locations.

You can also purchase a copy of our specially produced DVDs or videos so that you can learn in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Send us an email or phone Mick or one of the crew at the Le Step Office on (07) 3849 2553

We also offer a variety of Bridal Packages for those of you who are getting married!

Are children welcome at the Le Step venues?
If you have children, you'll need to get a babysitter if you want to attend our classes, parties and events. As much as we love kids, we aim to provide venues where adults can enjoy the company of other adults without the distraction of their kids or other people's kids. Furthermore, some of our class and dance party venues are licensed premises so children are not allowed.

Our policy for children attending classes...
Persons under the age of 18 (and their parent/guardian) must clearly identify themselves to the Door Staff and the Le Step Venue Manager.
You will be asked to sign a separate detailed document called our 'Under 18's Disclaimer and Permission Form.

In brief;
  • Children under 13 years may not attend our regular nightly classes.
  • Children aged 13 to 15 are welcome with parental/legal guardian supervision.
  • Children over 16 may attend regular nightly classes subject to parents/legal guardians signing them in at their first session.

As part of our commitment of making sure all young clients learning in a safe environment, our venue managers as well as many of our mainstream teachers and crew have Queensland Government issued Blue Cards. This means they have undergone background checks and have been cleared to work with people under the age of eighteen.

The PDF Under 18's Disclaimer and Permission Form is available for download. You will be asked to sign this form in front of our staff at a class. Those aged 16 and 17 may bring it to a class already signed but our Door Staff may check by phone with parents/guardians before access to the venue is granted. Alternatively, parents/guardians may choose to attend the venue to sign in those aged 16 or 17.

Does this style of dance have medals to acknowledge levels of achievement?
No. Most people teaching this form of dance have always agreed that it is all about having fun! It has never been about getting 'medals' to prove to yourself (or anyone else) how good you are. However, there are some fun competitions if you want to get involved and travel interstate with the group.

We dance because it is fun!

Does this style of dance have competitions?
Yes. Le Step hosts one competition per every two years, which is open to people from all around the world. The emphasis at our competition has always been on participating in a fun, friendly competition. It is not about 'winning at all costs'.

We place a lot of emphasis on the 'Dance-with-a-Stranger' (a.k.a. DWAS) section (where people meet their partner on the dance floor just before competing) because this dance has always been about being able to dance with anyone and everyone.

Because it is heaps of fun getting together with other dancers in other areas, we also attend competitions held in Sydney and Melbourne. You can visit their sites on the links page.

My questions are not answered here. Where can I get more answers?
Send us an email or phone Mick, Rach or one of the crew at the Le Step Office on (07) 3849 2553 or Mick on 0412 174 111.