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Coasties Newsletter - 18 August 2008

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Venue Report
New Le Step Membership Card system
Dance Escape - Modern Jive Party Week - Sept 2008
Can you help...?
Brisbane Dance Party Report

Coming Events.....

Monday nights @ COOLANGATTA

Our Monday night format is Beginner Class, Freestyle, Intro-Mediate Class followed by more Freestyle! If you're keen to start progressing to the next level but you're worried about the degree of difficulty, come and try a Monday night class at Cooly. Our second class at this venue is like a "bridging" class to help you take the next step up from beginners.

Emma, Allan and Kent are there every Monday night so you have some of Australia's best dancers in the one venue - and they're there to teach you and dance with you.

This is our newest Gold Coast venue so we look forward to having you join us for a dance!

Coolangatta Senior Citizens Centre
2 Gerrard Street, Coolangatta
7:30 -10:30pm
Just $14 for 3 hours!

Tuesday nights @ ARUNDEL
Tuesday night's is Allan's regular night and the numbers at this venue are holding steady with around 50 people every week. This creates a great atmosphere and combined with Al's meticulous tuition, you get a great lesson with other people who love to dance.

The Tuesday night crew are very relaxed and are there to dance with everyone. Join them this week at Arundel.


Parkwood/Arundel Community Centre
Napper Road, Arundel
7:30 -10:30pm
Just $14 for 3 hours!

Wednesday nights @ SOUTHPORT
Emma takes the Wednesday nights with a warm and friendly crew who work the room getting everyone up to dance. We've noticed that the boys are getting there later and later which means we're starting with a room full of girls - makes a weird start for partner dancing! Come on guys - class starts at 7:30pm not quater to 8! :)

By 8pm on Wednesdays there's a good crowd of 50 or so dancing on the floor and everyone's having fun. If you haven't been to a Wednesday at HQ come and check it out.

Dance Head Quarters
4/10 Pinter Drive, Southport
7:30 -10:30pm
Just $14 for 3 hours!

Friday nights @ BROADBEACH
Broadbeach is the place to dance on Friday nights! Kent takes a great class with clear tuition and a relaxed style that has everyone having a laugh and enjoying a challenge. There's something for everyone on Friday nights with 3 classes to choose from at 9pm. By it's popularity, there's heaps of good dancers and for those who simply want to freestyle, we've got extended dance time until 11pm!

Join everyone down at the Casino from 11:30pm for coffee and cake or drinks and dinner! Great social night out of dancing and socialising.

See you Friday night!

Broadbeach Senior Citizens Hall
TE Peters Drive, Broadbeach
7:30 -10:30pm
Just $14 for 3 hours and then hit the Casino afterwards for dinner and drinks!

New Le Step Membership Card system

Thanks to everyone for your patience while we've been implementing the new Membership Cards.

Things have been running fairly smoothly despite it being a huge job issuing new cards to everyone for the first time.

A reminder that you have/will receive a business card shaped card as well as two convenient key tag cards. You can show any of the three cards to gain entry.

Here's what you need to know;

Every person who attends, even just one Le Step class, will be issued with a Membership Card. Your first Membership Card will be issued free of charge. Replacement cards will cost $2pp.

From now on, you will need to present your Membership Card to gain access to all Le Step classes and events. as well as any other card you may hold - monthly passes, multi-class passes, first timer passes etc.

Cards are not transferable. If you forget your card, our door staff will be able to look up your details on our computer system but this will slow up the process at the door so please remember to bring your card to all classes and events.
Your Membership Card is valid at all Le Step venues including the Gold Coast and any future independently owned and operated Le Step franchised areas.

Dance Escape - Modern Jive Party Week - Sept 2008

Over 150 people coming to Dance Camp 2008!

Over 40 of them are from interstate or overseas.

So, Queenslanders it's time to book if you don't want to miss out. Jump on-line now and register your spot! This camp is for dancers of ALL LEVELS so even if you're a beginner, this is a great way to really get into your dancing!

Dance Escape 2008 incorporates our;
1. Dance Camp
2. Additional activities throughout the week
3. Championship Weekend of activities

Can you help...?

We've got over 150 people booked for the Dance Camp in September and need to accommodate some of our 40 interstate and international guests in the lead up to the competition the following week.

The basic plan is to get some of us (the Coasties) to billet on Sun, Mon, Tue and get Brisbanites to billet on Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat nights (or part there of).

Please click here to fill out our Billeting Form if you are able to assist.

Brisbane Dance Party Report

On Saturday night about 20 Coasties headed up to Brisbane for a dance party and had an awesome time. Thanks to Mick and his dancers for putting on a great night. We'll see you at the next one!

Coming Events.....

Be a part of the the Le Step social scene and add these dates to you diary......not to be missed!

6 - 14 Sept Modern Jive Party Week & Australasion Open Modern Jive Championships

For a full list please visit our Full Calendar of Events Page.