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Coasties Newsletter - 19 October 2009

"Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music."
George Bernard Shaw
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Venue Report
New Closer Routine lookin' goooood!
November Dance Weekender - DanceBlitz
November Broadbeach Mall Party
Moving up to Intermediate
Coming Events.....

Tuesday nights @ ARUNDEL

Allan teaching this week with Tash for beginner and the Rachel for intermediate. Tash and Isaac will then teach the re-cap class while Tim and Laura teach the intro-mediate class for those looking to move up from the beginner level.

The beginner class starts at 7:30pm so we ask that everyone turns up just ahead of this to ensure the night runs smoothly. At 9pm the 3 consecutive classes will start up so there's something for all level of dancer!

A big thank you to Kent for taking last weeks Tuesday night class.

Parkwood/Arundel Community Centre
Napper Road, Arundel
7:30 -10:30pm
Just $14 for 3 hours!

Wednesday night @ SOUTHPORT

Emma will teach the beginner class with Zane and the intermediate class with Justin this week. For the second round of classes at 9pm, you'll find Zane and Jenny teaching the re-cap class and Austin and Katie teaching the intro-mediate for those wanting to step up from the beginner class.

A reminder that arrival at 7:15pm will assist with having things run smoothly through to the night and will ensure you don't miss out on all the action.

Thank you to Coby for teaching last Wednesday nights class.

Dance Head Quarters
4/16 Pinter Drive, Southport
7:30 -10:30pm
Just $14 for 3 hours!

Friday night @ BROADBEACH

This Friday Kent will teach with Chris G for the beginner class and Dahna for the intermediate class. For the 9pm classes, re-cap will be taught by Tyler and Kat and for those wanting to make the move up from beginner, the intro-mediate class will be taught by Rob and Chris G.

It's an OPEN INVITATION to everyone to join us at Spinners at the Casino after class on Friday nights. There's always about 20 (or more) people who head across and sit as a large group so don't be shy, just head on over and make some new friends. This is a great socialising opportunity and can enhance your social fun at any dance night on the coast.

Broadbeach Senior Citizens Halls
T E Peters Drive, Broadbeach
7:30 -11:00pm
Just $14 for 3 hours!

New Closer Routine lookin' goooooood!

We've just had the second week of the routine and's looking great already!

Kent and Ciara are teaching this routine over 6 weeks of Sundays and they started 11 October. All dancers have a set partner for the 6 weeks and are learning choreography to the song Closer by Ne-Yo.

There will be a chance to see them perform this routine at the end of year Christmas celebrations. Can't wait!

November Dance Weekender - DanceBlitz

The Queensland 2009 Dance Camp scheduled for the end of November (21st-22nd) is to be replaced with a NEW weekend party event on the same weekend.

How will this new event benefit you?

It's going to be sooooooo much FUN and will help improve your dancing. It's also a great way to get to know lots of other dancers.

With this new event, you'll be more in control of how much you spend. Pay $25 per workshop or $99 for the lot... including the Saturday Night Dance Party.

Depending on your budget you will be able to choose a standard of accomodation that suits you (or even lift share and travel to and from if you have too).

Again, depending on what you want to spend you can bring your own food or eat out. There will be guest teachers from interstate and plenty of variety with classes from some of Australia's best teachers. There will be plenty for people with a little or lots of dance experience.

So, what's the plan?

- Friday night class in Brisbane with extended dance time.
- Saturday and Sunday workshops at the Sunshine Coast.
- 12 Workshop over the weekend. 6 for Beginner/Intermediate and 6 for Intermediate+/Advanced/Masters.
- We have suggested three levels of accommodation (all close to each other) and you book or you find your own accommodation for Saturday night.
- Dance Party on the Saturday night.
- Plenty of time to relax, socialise and party! And time to hit the beautiful beaches too.

For more infor check out our Blitz pages here.

All registration will be done online and is now open.

November Broadbeach Mall Party!

People are already asking when the next dance party is so here's your reminder to mark it in the calendar so you don't miss out.

The next Broadbeach Mall Dance Party will be on Saturday, 14 November

It will be another good night so be a part of this celebration of dance....and participate at NO COST. Most people meet for dinner first then head to the sails where music will play and dancing will be done in the open air.

More info to come in the next couple of weeks. :)

Moving up to Intermediate

Recently, we've had a number of our better dancers mention that there are way too many people attempting the Intermediate Classes well before they are ready for them.

Please remember that whilst the better dancers do enjoy dancing with our newer dancers in the general dance time, they also expect that people in the intermediate class will be able to do some of the basics fairly well. Otherwise, it's frustrating for them (during this class) when they are trying to develop their own higher level dancing skills.

BEFORE you attempt an intermediate Class you are advised to dance with two of our Crew to get some feedback as to whether they think you are suited to Intermediate Classes yet. Our Crew should be clearly identifiable but if you are in any doubt please ask our Teachers or Door Staff to have a dance or point out who could give you some feedback. Our Recap and Bridging Class teachers are well versed in whether you are skilled enough to cope with the Intermediate Classes.

Our style of dance has a core list of just over 20 moves. If you are not reasonably proficient at most of these then the Intermediate class definitely is NOT for you. Consider this...if you do all of the Beginner Classes in our curriculum you will have covered over 40 moves and if you do all of the Bridging Classes (Intro-mediate) you will have covered more than another 40 in those classes. That's 80+ very achievable moves that you could be really good at (if you choose to practice them) before you even attempt an Intermediate Class.

Our Intermediate and Advanced dancers are really friendly and love to help out all of our newer dancers - but please give them the courtesy they deserve by staying out of the Intermediate/Advanced Classes until you have get some feedback on your dancing from at least two of our crew members, recap teachers or mainstream teachers.

During the general dance time, we encourage you to ask as many people, including our Intermediate and Advanced Dancers, Crew and Teachers for a dance. We all enjoy being able to help new dancers experience what it is that we love doing - and it will really improve your dancing!

Coming up.....

Broadbeach Mall Party Saturday, 14 November
DanceBlitz 2009 20 - 22 November