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Le Vibe - 23rd July 2008

Photo by Emma D
Thanks to everyone who supported the Brisbane Dance Party on Saturday. It was a cold night and so whilst numbers were a bit quiet, everyone enjoyed themselves and the dance floor was full all night.

Congratulations to the Le Step On the Coast dancers who attended a competition in Canberra on Saturday. If you are interested in who were the winners and grinners from the coast please check out their Gold Coast Newsletter.

See you at West End tonight!

New Le Step Membership Cards
Over the next couple of months we will be phasing in our brand new Le Step Membership Cards.

After the initial implementation, the cards will also allow us to speed up the process of collecting client information at the door. From a business point of view the cards will allow us to get accurate records of how many people are attending our Le Step classes at our various venues. The membership cards will allow us to quickly and easily keep your records up to date, knowing that everyone who attends has actually signed one of our registration forms, which includes a disclaimer against injury. And, because we have had the program written specifically for Le Step, it will also enable us to track things that are important to us like, tracking if under 18's signed the appropriate paperwork.

The cards are high quality semi-flexible plastic. They are similar to cards issued by Blockbuster Video.
You will receive a business card shaped card as well as two convenient key tag cards. You can show any of the three cards to gain entry.
The cards are barcoded so we can quickly scan the cards to speed up the process of getting you through the front door.

Here's what you need to know;
Every person who attends, even just one Le Step class, will be issued with a Membership Card.
Your first Membership Card will be issued free of charge. Replacement cards will cost $2pp.

You will need to present your Membership Card to gain access to all Le Step classes and events.
Cards are not transferable. When the door person scans your card, your details will appear on the Le Step laptop.
If you forget your card, our door staff will be able to look up your details on our computer system but this will slow up the process at the door so please remember to bring your card to all classes and events.
Your Membership Card is valid at all Le Step venues including the Gold Coast and any future independently owned and operated Le Step franchised areas.

The card will store your member number only and your personal details will remain on our system as they currently are.
The cards are not credit cards and no payment information or credit will be linked to the cards.

Soiree Tickets still available - last chance!
      Ticket sales finish in two days.

The annual 'Le Step On The Coast' Soiree is 2nd August 2008.

We now have nearly 40 people from Brisbane attending the event! Well done Brisbane!

Tickets are now $95pp. Tickets available till the end of this week - 25th July.

The night includes some fabulous dance performances from Brisbane & the Gold Coast.
Included are 6 performances... teams routines, Holly & Allan plus Allan & Coby's cabaret items, a hip hop routine.... PLUS 3hr unlimited basic drinks.

The Hyatt has also offered us a discount on accommodation;
- A room with a Queen bed is $199, special rate until rooms run out and then it increases to $265.
These rooms sleep 2 people. Extra $50 for a single fold out mattress.
- A room with 2 double beds is $289 until rooms sold out and then it increases to $315. These rooms sleep 3 people.

Please make sure you are attending the 'Le Step Soiree' to get the discount and confirm all charges/details before booking.
The number for the Hyatt is 55310234

All the info you need for the Soiree is under Events and Soiree.

You can pay by contacting the Gold Coast Office with Credit Card details or if you'd prefer we are happy to accept cash
at Brisbane Classes and pass it on to the Coast for you.

'Le Step On the Coast' - Gold Coast Office (07) 5591 9170
You can also Email:

Soiree - Getting there and back
Most people seem to have arranged lifts for themselves so I have not arranged a mini-bus.

However, I have now had an enquiry from someone wanting to lift share or share a taxi.

His queries cam up with the following scenarios;

1. Brisbane CBD to Sanctuary Cove (Black and White Cabs)
     Maxi Taxi (Seats 6-10) = $165

They come in different version which can seat between 6 to 10 people.
She told me it's the same price for a 6 seater or a 10 seater.

2. Sanctuary Cove to Brisbane CBD (Reagent Cabs)
      5 seater Cab = $150
      9 or 11 seater cab = $226

Assuming we have 5 people it will cost $63 return
Assuming we have 10 people it will cost $39.10 return

I guess there's also the option of driving in one direction, taxi'ing it home and picking up the car the following day.

Please e-mail if you want to offer someone a lift or want me to put you in touch with others who want to lift share/ share a taxi to Sanctuary Cove.

Queenslanders - time to book for Dance Camp!
We now have over 110 people booked for the 2008 Dance Camp! Wow!

Over 40 of them are from interstate or overseas.
So, Queenslanders it's time to book if you don't want to miss out on the best or standard level of accommodation at camp. There are still plenty of good beds available but you need to book soon.

Dance Escape 2008 incorporates our;
1. Dance Camp
2. Additional activities throughout the week
3. Championship Weekend of activities

      Can you billet someone in September?

We know September may seem like a long time off but we need to plan now.

For our own sanity in being able to organise things early and for piece of mind for our guests we NEED offers of billeting now!

The basic plan is to get Coasties to billet on Sun, Mon, Tue and get Brisbanites to billet on Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat nights (or part there of).

Please click here to fill out our Billeting Form if you are able to assist.

Le Step Merchandise - order to be placed this Friday 1st August
Rather than stock lots of merchandise that needs to be carted from venue to venue we take everyone's orders and then have the order processed.

So, if you want some of our merchandise that will feature our new logo, now is the time.

Here's what we have on offer:

Current prices including the new Le Step logo embroidery are;
$22 for the Singlets and Tees
$25 for Shoe Bags
$30 for the Men's Waffle Weave with JB's Dri moisture movement.

Click the pics for a larger view.

Ladies Ringer Tee
Ladies Athletic Singlet
Unisex Ringer Tee
Waffle Weave Polo Shirt
Not sure of the size?
The Door Staff at each venue have a colour catalogue with a size chart.
Alternatively you can check out sizes on-line at our 'Le Shop' pages.

Place your order at any Le Step Brisbane Class or order on-line on our Merchandise Pages.

Weller's Hill...
On the first friday of each month we try to get a bigger-than-usual group together for dinner before the class.

Want to join us for the BBQ?
Meet up BEFORE 6:30pm for a $10 BBQ. BBQ finishes before 7pm.
The BBQ includes steak, sausages, breads and about six different salads.
For $10, why bother cooking at home on Friday nights?
See you at the Weller's Hill Sporting Club for a feed, a drink at the bar and a dance.

Venue: Weller's Hill Sporting (Bowls) Club in Esher St. Ekibin - near the Soccer fields.

Bring-A-Stranger to Le Step this Friday and they'll get in Free and you'll get in for just 1/2 Price.
Bring three or more friends and you'll be admitted FREE too.

The criteria is simply that they have not been to a "Le Step" class before.
So, start phoning your friends or flick them an e-mail right now before you forget.

Monthly Passes - 8 different venues available
Monthly Passes = $70pp
Immerse yourself in Le Step classes with an 'Unlimited Access Monthly Pass'. Monthly passes are a great way to improve your dancing without it costing you a fortune.

For $70pp (the cost of just 5 casual classes) you can get unlimited access to;
all 4 Le Step Classes in Brisbane (Holland Pk, Chermside, West End & Weller's Hill)
and all 4 Classes on the Gold Coast (Southport, Broadbeach & at Arundel/Parkwood)
and the new class at Coolangatta.

Ask at the front door to get your Monthly Pass.

*Monthly Passes give you unlimited access to all our regular classes. They are not valid for special events (unless otherwise stated), dance parties or workshops.